Memorial 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & 3 Person Relay

Leave of Absence for 2017 – Tribute to Candace Heitt Bursary & Future Paving Path in Unity, SK

Important: Leave of Absence for 2017

“We are taking a leave of absence due to Candace and Keith’s dad in palliative care. We wish to please send a thank you to all that have participated in the run in the past and that we will take a leave of absence for 2017. We also ask for prayers for Blane Heitt and […]


Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2016 Candace Heitt Memorial Run!¬†Once again the race was a success with 87 runners of all ages Winners… 5K Denim O’Donnell race time: 26:11 Unity Sask Shannon Ireland race time:26:45 Unity,Sask 10K Scott Young race time : 47:47 Unity,Sask Jean Almberg race Time :1:03:10 Provost Alberta […]


RULES OF THE RACE First time racing? Raced lots? This is for everyone: Parking, race bib, race route, arrive early Check the weather and dress 10 degrees warmer Pin race number flat in front so timekeepers can see your number Leave extra stuff in your race bag Listen to announcements and make sure everyone can […]